Importance of Having a Bankruptcy Attorney

No one ever plans to go bankrupt, because there’s a stigma to bankruptcy that’s hard to shake off. The besmirched reputation that inevitably follows haunts you wherever you go. But sometimes, bankruptcy is necessary.

Not everything about bankruptcy is bad. It certainly has its advantages too. What you need to remember is the law can release you from debt and going further down the mud, as they say. So when you have to file for bankruptcy, it’s best to get the a good ally by your side – your bankruptcy attorney.

The “MacGyver” of Attorneys

When considering filing for bankruptcy, the necessary steps are explained to you by a specialist lawyer. Hiring a Bankruptcy attorney is very important because you can’t possibly know how to get out of certain complications during process.

Bankruptcy is (or can be) a very complex process involving creditors, and debt collectors. The process is long and takes time. If you file without an attorney, you might not be fully protected. The court intervenes where you can no longer satisfy your obligations which still make you vulnerable to attack from creditors.

Aside from your rights and other privileges, your lawyer will defend your against such attacks and may even help you wiggle out of slippery legal procedures.  The concern is to maneuver in unnecessary situations brought on by the process especially if your file under Chapter 7 and 13, of Title 11, the US Bankruptcy Code. You’ll need an attorney’s expertise and skills to argue and impose your rights too.

Aside from being a professional, your attorney and his credentials must be stellar. He must be experienced in all aspects involved from the filing up to the litigation process.

Why Empathy is Important

Knowledge is a pre-requisite to a good bankruptcy attorney but empathy isn’t always a given. That’s also saying not all lawyers have good “bedside” manners to tolerate and deal with all your personal issues. Without that extra something lawyers don’t learn in law school, your case won’t be given a sympathetic thought.

It’s a difficult process for you so it’s crucial to have an expert who listens and understands. Empathy makes him champion your cause and not just defend it. This makes your attorney see beyond the stress and all the heightened emotions involved. This dedication stems from his love of service and helping people get through a painful process.

Having a good bankruptcy lawyer is like having a pit bull by your side. In the event, that you need some protection, he’ll be willing to pounce and fight with all his might just to safeguard your rights during the tough and demanding bankruptcy procedure. So make sure that your lawyer has a good reputation with past clients and a track record of being trust-worthy.

That lawyer must have the passion and respect for the process too, but never assume he’ll devote everything to you – because you might not be the only client worth fighting for. Trust goes both ways in bankruptcy cases. If you trust your lawyer, he will afford you the same courtesy. It doesn’t hurt to make sure of your lawyer’s credentials, check places like Avvo for reviews.