There are a lot of advantages of using modern technology in order to improve cognition. While caffeine has been around for hundreds of years and helps people to improve their focus and attention, there are other options that have been around for only decades. Over the course of these decades, studies have shown the efficacy of these drugs to be great over many others.

Namely, the research indicates that choline supplements can provide a lot of enhancement for drugs like piracetam and others in the same family. In this article, we will discuss the mode of action that makes it possible for choline to have such a profound impact on the racetam line of drugs.

Choline Synergy with Racetams

Why is it that the choline supplements can have such a huge impact on the racetam family of drugs? As studies show, the choline works synergistically because piracetam and others in the family are used for the purpose of increasing uptake and utilization of acetylcholine in the brain. The neurotransmitter is often derived from diet, which is hard when people don’t consume enough eggs or organ meats. There are some optimal choline supplements that include alpha GPC choline and CDP choline. Both of these are the most efficient sources.

When you combine the choline from the diet with racetams like piracetam or even more potent analogues like aniracetam or coluracetam , you will get a lot of advantages. In fact some drugs like coluracetam can be used in a sublingual solution in order to provide enhancement for the brain. Nonetheless, aniracetam options are great for potency and protection as well.

Things like aniracetam are sold as a drug for Alzheimer’s disease among many others. You can find a number of different studies about the drug, which can also help you to make a better decision based on your needs. For some of these studies of aniracetam, you will find that the information has a profound effect on whether you want to take it for cognitive enhancement or not!