What careers can you do from home?

Many businesses hire employees to work from home. A remote job allows employees to choose their own schedule, save money on gasoline and eliminates the need for childcare. Consider one of these careers that allow employees to work from home.

Freelance Writer

Freelance writers create content for marketing materials, blogs, training manuals, sales presentations and website content. Many writing jobs require an English or Journalism degree and several years of experience. Writing requires excellent grammar and proofreading skills. Professional writers obtain their own clients and charge an hourly rate or flat fee.

Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists convert voice recordings into written reports for medical professionals. The voice recordings are medical files or notes that need to be transcribed in a written format. Voice recordings are dictated over the telephone or sent electronically in an audio file. Medical transcriptionists use voice recognition software. A certificate or diploma is required for medical transcription. Most medical transcriptionists secure their own clients from hospitals and physician offices.

Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives provide product or service information, resolve account problems and respond to consumer complaints. Most customer service positions require a high school diploma. Customer service representatives need excellent verbal communication skills. It’s important for customer service representatives to remain calm during hostile phone conversations.


A telemarketer sells products and services over the telephone. Individuals need a high school diploma to work as a telemarketer. These sales professionals are paid an hourly rate or a commission of the sale. Telemarketers possess a competitive attitude and work well under pressure.

Help Desk Analyst

Help desk analysts provide technical support for specific users. Technical support professionals assist customers or employees within an organization. Help desk analysts resolve technical issues related to hardware, software, applications and IT equipment. Most help desk analysts possess the CompTIA A+ certification.

Web Developer

Web developers create websites for individuals and businesses. There are a variety of web development degrees and certifications offered at colleges and technical schools. Many people complete home tutorials to learn web development skills. Freelance web developer earn an average salary of $60 per hour.

There are a variety of career options for remote workers. Many people are hired for remote jobs in telemarketing, customer service and medical transcription. Professionals interested in working from home might consider a career in freelance writing, web development or technical support. Begin training for one of these exciting careers today to start working from home.

3 ways to get a better night’s sleep

We don’t have to tell you that most Americans aren’t sleeping well. A good night’s rest is a must-have for the physical as well as the mental health of your body, and yet, many people toss and turn in bed.

More than a third of American adults are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis, according to studies.

Experts say that most healthy adults require between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night to function at their best.

If counting sheep is not your thing, there are other ways of getting a better night’s sleep. Here are three solutions:

1. Balance Your Exposure To Light

Your body produces a naturally occurring hormone called melatonin, and it works with your body’s internal clock.

Your brain secretes less melatonin when it’s light to keep you alert and more melatonin when it’s dark to make you sleepy.

During the day, you should allow as much natural light into your home or surroundings, and spend time outdoors in sunlight to balance your body’s internal clock.

When you’re ready to retire at night, put away your computer, smartphone, TV and other technological devices because these can suppress melatonin production.

Blue light from your laptop, for example, is not only disruptive but stimulating to the brain. These devices keep you active and alert during times when you should be winding down for bed.

Close bedroom curtains at night for a dark room, and try a sleep mask for total darkness.

2. What You Eat And Drink Matters

If you must have your caffeine, try and enjoy it early enough in the day to avoid a sleepless night. The effects of caffeine can linger in the body for 10 to 12 hours after drinking it and disrupt your normal sleep pattern.

The same goes for smoking. Nicotine is a stimulant like caffeine and can keep you tossing and turning rather than catching those all-important zzzs.

Some folks eat dinner later in the evening, but even that routine can mess up a good night’s rest. Avoid rich, heavy foods for at least a couple of hours before your head hits the pillow, and just say no to spicy foods before bedtime that can cause heartburn or stomach discomfort.

We’ve all been schooled in drinking lots of water and other beverages often to stay hydrated, but too many liquids mean a lot of trips to the bathroom.

This may sound hard to believe, but sugary foods and those containing refined carbs like pasta, pastry, sodas and snacks can actually can pull you out of deep sleep. So indulge in those during the lighter hours.

3. Adjust To Your Circadian Rhythm

Our bodies all have a natural sleep-wake cycle called the circadian rhythm. Think of it as our master clock because it helps determine our sleep patterns and works with our melatonin production.

To keep things running smoothly, you should maintain a regular schedule. For example, try and go to sleep at the same time every night, and awaken at the same hour each morning. Your body will be able to arise without an alarm clock if you’re getting a decent night’s rest.

Trying to make up for lost sleep over the weekend will not give you the sleep balance you’re looking for. Sleep experts say that sleeping in late on weekends only disturbs your natural sleep-wake rhythm.

You’re better off trying to catch some zzzs with a daytime nap.

Try these three tips for better sleeping tonight, and we hope you arise in the morning with a spring in your step.

Natural Oils and Extracts Your Grandmother Knew About

If you go back far enough into your lineage, you will probably find roots of your people and a host of practices that those people used for health purposes. Before the invention of modern western medicine, there were many remedies that were created from a lot of trial and error and many of these have been around for thousands of years.

Ayurvedic medicine is one of the most commonly known natural sources for healing and overcoming poor health, but there are many others as well. In fact, many of the old traditions have been co-opted by businesses in order to produce something that is helpful. These natural oils and extracts that we will discuss are some of the best for those purposes.

#1. Black Seed Oil – there are many different types of seeds and many of them are black, but for some reason a particular compound called black seed has been used as a modern supplement. The interesting thing about black seed oil is thymoquinone, which is a natural substance that gives black seed oil most of the benefits. For many people who  are interested in this as a therapy, there are even studies for PTSD and a number of citations considering this a “miracle drug”. Insert your own skepticism here.

Either way, there is no doubt black seed oil is growing in popularity with thousands of people searching for it every day and not many brands supplying the need.

#2. Olive Leaf Extract – if you think that olives are quite popular, you are probably thinking about the fruit. Many people appreciate the fruit because olives are a healthy food and produce oil that is healthy as well. The extract comes not from the fruit, but from the plant itself. The benefits of olive leaf extract are manifold and has completely different psychopharmacology.

Getting Started with Natural Extracts

It might seem like anything that is natural is automatically good, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, natural things are potentially dangerous just like synthetic options. Nature isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Just consider that a buck whitetail deer can charge and kill you if you get too close and spook it… and that is a prey animal never mind a predator!

We want to make sure we are balancing natural extracts with better research so that we can avoid getting entangled in a web of marketing language that doesn’t really make much sense and definitely doesn’t provide any support for us in the long-run.

Cognitive Advantages of Creatine Monohydrate

Over the past few decades many stereotypes about creatine monohydrate have pervaded the supplement world and society in general. Almost everyone has heard of creatine as a tool for bodybuilders and athletes to get stronger and bigger; most consider it a tool of bro scientists that are trying to get larger muscles the “easy way”. The reality is far different and most people have no idea about the positive cognitive effects of creatine.

Starting with Creatine Supplements

Getting started with a supplement like creatine can be emotionally difficult and scary for exactly this reason. There is so much bad information on the internet and in the general discourse that it makes it difficult to justify starting the regimen. Nonetheless, taking a research oriented approach to creatine can be a good idea to prevent yourself from physical problems, but it will also make you feel a lot better.

Some people are scared about the creatine monohydrate side effects, but most of these unfounded. The few side effects that do exist are related to bloating, cramping, and in some cases nausea and diarrhea. Most people do not experience any of these if they consume enough water. Make sure you get extra water if you are just starting with a creatine routine.

The best way to take creatine is through the use of either the “loading phase” or an average recommended dosage. The loading phase includes doing 20 grams per day for 5 – 7 days so that you can saturate your cells in the brain and body. If you are experiencing gastrointestinal issues, it might be a good idea to bring it down to the average recommended dosage of 5 grams per day.

Cognitive Advantages of Creatine

Now that you have an understanding of creatine from a very basic perspective, it is time to look at how it can effect your brain. Even though most people consider creatine to be a supplement for physical fitness, it can offer the same advantages for the brain. Creatine is a molecule that is used to improve cellular function by enhancing ATP (energy). This holds true for your body or the cells in your brain.

Studies suggest that creatine can be an effective cognitive enhancer when it comes to mental energy and endurance. During hours of intense mental activity, the difference between getting high quality done towards the end might be enough mental energy. Creatine can also have a profound impact on reasoning skills, which is rare for a smart drug.

For vegans and vegetarians it is even more important to get the right amount of creatine. For people that eat animal products, creatine is present though not optimal; for vegans / vegetarians there is almost no creatine in their diet. Without the natural creatine from food, most of them have mental deficiencies and require some supplementation.

Is Creatine Right for Me?

Before you decide if creatine is a good supplement for you, make sure you consider a few factors. If you are not eating meat it is a good idea to consume creatine supplements even if it is below the 5 gram dosage.

Also, for any athlete or bodybuilder it is a good idea to consume some creatine as well. Making sure that you have the most energy for your particular activity is of paramount importance for your success.

Get Your Business Insurance Without Making These Mistakes

If you are a businessman, you might have to take a lot of difficult decisions regarding your business day in and day out. However, you must also be aware that when it is time to get the business insured, it is one of the most important decisions that you would make for your business in a while. Not having coverage or having under coverage can result in dire consequences.

Do you have any idea about what is commercial liability insurance? If you don’t know, it is all the more important for you to learn why you should make an effort to purchase the right insurance for your business. Purchasing the right business insurance simply means you have to be careful about not committing certain mistakes during the process of purchase. Here is a list of some of the most common mistakes that people make while purchasing the business insurance for your company.

Disrespecting the importance of a business insurance policy

It is important to always choose a business insurance that is tailor made for your business if you are really serious about protecting your business from potential risks and hazards. For instance, the general commercial liability insurance will protect your business from the costs associated with the lawsuits that can result from basic damages caused to others because of your business. If you do not have this insurance coverage, you are in risk of losing a lot of money and in the process also your reputation in the market in case someone decides on a lawsuit against you.

Not being aware of the basic issues

While there are some issues in the business that are very similar to the other types of insurance, it is also important for you as a business owner to know the basics of all the insurance types and get the one that is suitable for your business the most. There are several types of insurance and not all of them are meant for your business. You need to have a basic understanding about the different available policies and also consider all the factors associated with your business in order to decide on the perfect coverage for your business.

Get your business insurance as soon as you start your business operations

It is important to get the business insurance as soon as your business is operational since otherwise you can land up in trouble especially during the crisis times. In case of crisis, when you would be in requirement for money, there would be no help available. The same is kind of true for under insurance coverage too. If your insurance coverage is not adequate, you can still be in trouble with the money in times of crisis. And that is the last thing that you would want to see happening to your business, isn’t it? Thus, to avoid being into trouble, it is essential to give your business insurance a thought right during the planning days of your business venture.

Start collecting as much information as possible about the business insurance and get yourself going before it is too late.



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Can You File for Bankruptcy Twice?

Can You File for Bankruptcy Twice?

To go for bankruptcy as a solution for your financial troubles, you’d have to think of how long the process takes. This matters because you’d have to plan for the time when you need to bounce back from it.

If you don’t have a plan or be able to get your financial situation in order, you might need to file for bankruptcy yet again. And there’s a limit on that. Getting the bankruptcy court order for the first time might mean having to count the days before filing a new one.

What the Rules Say

Technically speaking, the law doesn’t prohibit the number of times you file a bankruptcy case; so multiple filings can be done. What is barred is the time limit for waiting to file a new case. This time limit is specifically applied to the discharge orders on the debt itself. Meaning, filing before a discharge order has been given is disallowed.

Within certain parameters, a person may file multiple bankruptcies. For as long as you don’t color outside the lines of the law, then you’re good to go. Here are the limits set in filing a petition in court under Chapters 7 and 13, Title 11 of the US Bankruptcy Code:

  1. Successive filings under Chapter 7 are disallowed if a discharge order is released in any Chapter 7 case within the 8 years provided by the law. You’d have to wait for the first discharge order to pass, then hang on for 8 years and then file a second petition under the same chapter.
  2. Successive filings under Chapter 13 Bankruptcy are prohibited when the first discharge order hasn’t been released with the time frame of two years.  What matters most is to wait out the discharge orders before filing a new one under the same chapter.

The rules are set for a reason. Getting bankrupt is tricky business. You’d have to make it worth your while because time and money is wasted on every petition that gets junked by the courts of law. Besides, getting bankrupt once is enough for the wise man.

The Trustee: What do They do in Bankruptcy Cases?

The Trustee: What do They do in Bankruptcy Cases?

The unpopular role of the Trustee in a bankruptcy case is a difficult one. There are many reasons why they’ve been so often disliked. Chief among them is the designated part of liquidating the debtor’s assets and properties.

You’ve heard of a trustee in a trust, right? The role is the same except the task is much more defined under the law. What they do is oversee the liquidation of assets used to be paid for the debts an individual owes in a bankruptcy case.

What is a Trustee?

In a bankruptcy case, a trustee is a third party or a neutral person appointed by the courts to manage the property and assets of an individual filing for relief. They deal with the creditors because they guard the assets for the purpose of selling them and then decide where to distribute the money.

The trustee is usually a member of the Department of Justice, assigned by the Office of the US Trustee.

The Breakdown of Duties of a Trustee

All bankruptcy cases are filed under the cited provisions from Chapter 7, 11, 12 and 13, Title 11 of the US Bankruptcy Code. Once appointed, the trustee begins to assume any of the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Guardian against fraud – If a case is filed under Chapter 7, the trustee reviews the petition to see if any of the assets and property submitted by the debtor is accurate and free of fraud.
  2. Collection of Non-exempt assets – Not all of the assets can be liquidated by the trustee. Part of the trustee’s duties is to determine which ones are non-exempt.
  3. Meeting of Creditors and Distribution– Assets and properties are to be sold and distributed to the creditors to satisfy a debt. All meetings with creditors are done under oath; if you’ve retained a bankruptcy lawyer to prepare your petition, representation at the creditors meeting is included.
  4. Takes over Managing a Business – In a case filed under Chapter 11, a trustee assumes the responsibilities of a company CEO. He shall manage the assets of the business for the same purpose of paying off debt and all obligations.
  5. Finding the assets – A Trustee is paid a small fee from the proceeds of the sale of all the property and assets. However, there are cases where the court allows him to find “hidden assets” under the incentive of getting a commission for every asset obtained.

The rest of the duties are defined under the Chapters of the Bankruptcy Code that governs the conduct of the bankruptcy case. As lawyers or accountants, all trustees are generally professionals who conduct their affairs honestly and with integrity.

Importance of Having a Bankruptcy Attorney

Importance of Having a Bankruptcy Attorney

No one ever plans to go bankrupt, because there’s a stigma to bankruptcy that’s hard to shake off. The besmirched reputation that inevitably follows haunts you wherever you go. But sometimes, bankruptcy is necessary.

Not everything about bankruptcy is bad. It certainly has its advantages too. What you need to remember is the law can release you from debt and going further down the mud, as they say. So when you have to file for bankruptcy, it’s best to get the a good ally by your side – your bankruptcy attorney.

The “MacGyver” of Attorneys

When considering filing for bankruptcy, the necessary steps are explained to you by a specialist lawyer. Hiring a Bankruptcy attorney is very important because you can’t possibly know how to get out of certain complications during process.

Bankruptcy is (or can be) a very complex process involving creditors, and debt collectors. The process is long and takes time. If you file without an attorney, you might not be fully protected. The court intervenes where you can no longer satisfy your obligations which still make you vulnerable to attack from creditors.

Aside from your rights and other privileges, your lawyer will defend your against such attacks and may even help you wiggle out of slippery legal procedures.  The concern is to maneuver in unnecessary situations brought on by the process especially if your file under Chapter 7 and 13, of Title 11, the US Bankruptcy Code. You’ll need an attorney’s expertise and skills to argue and impose your rights too.

Aside from being a professional, your attorney and his credentials must be stellar. He must be experienced in all aspects involved from the filing up to the litigation process.

Why Empathy is Important

Knowledge is a pre-requisite to a good bankruptcy attorney but empathy isn’t always a given. That’s also saying not all lawyers have good “bedside” manners to tolerate and deal with all your personal issues. Without that extra something lawyers don’t learn in law school, your case won’t be given a sympathetic thought.

It’s a difficult process for you so it’s crucial to have an expert who listens and understands. Empathy makes him champion your cause and not just defend it. This makes your attorney see beyond the stress and all the heightened emotions involved. This dedication stems from his love of service and helping people get through a painful process.

Having a good bankruptcy lawyer is like having a pit bull by your side. In the event, that you need some protection, he’ll be willing to pounce and fight with all his might just to safeguard your rights during the tough and demanding bankruptcy procedure. So make sure that your lawyer has a good reputation with past clients and a track record of being trust-worthy.

That lawyer must have the passion and respect for the process too, but never assume he’ll devote everything to you – because you might not be the only client worth fighting for. Trust goes both ways in bankruptcy cases. If you trust your lawyer, he will afford you the same courtesy. It doesn’t hurt to make sure of your lawyer’s credentials, check places like Avvo for reviews.

Choline Enhancement with Piracetam

There are a lot of advantages of using modern technology in order to improve cognition. While caffeine has been around for hundreds of years and helps people to improve their focus and attention, there are other options that have been around for only decades. Over the course of these decades, studies have shown the efficacy of these drugs to be great over many others.

Namely, the research indicates that choline supplements can provide a lot of enhancement for drugs like piracetam and others in the same family. In this article, we will discuss the mode of action that makes it possible for choline to have such a profound impact on the racetam line of drugs.

Choline Synergy with Racetams

Why is it that the choline supplements can have such a huge impact on the racetam family of drugs? As studies show, the choline works synergistically because piracetam and others in the family are used for the purpose of increasing uptake and utilization of acetylcholine in the brain. The neurotransmitter is often derived from diet, which is hard when people don’t consume enough eggs or organ meats. There are some optimal choline supplements that include alpha GPC choline and CDP choline. Both of these are the most efficient sources.

When you combine the choline from the diet with racetams like piracetam or even more potent analogues like aniracetam or coluracetam , you will get a lot of advantages. In fact some drugs like coluracetam can be used in a sublingual solution in order to provide enhancement for the brain. Nonetheless, aniracetam options are great for potency and protection as well.

Things like aniracetam are sold as a drug for Alzheimer’s disease among many others. You can find a number of different studies about the drug, which can also help you to make a better decision based on your needs. For some of these studies of aniracetam, you will find that the information has a profound effect on whether you want to take it for cognitive enhancement or not!

Lifestyle Changes for Improved Health

When it comes to improving your health, plenty of great supplements can make a difference. There are also herbal remedies that you can use for enhancing cognitive abilities, but at the end of the day, you need to look at sustainable and realistic lifestyle changes.

One of the best changes is to learn how to do intermittent fasting. This is a practice of not eating for a certain period of time, which will help you to improve your overall health and specifically lose weight and give you mental energy. These are both profoundly important for your overall health.

Cold Shower Testosterone Benefits

What is great about intermittent fasting is that it does not require that you really spend a lot of time or money on the process. You just stop eating and you will see great improvements in mental energy among other things. When it comes to cold shower testosterone benefits, you will find many of the same things. The advantages of using this method are profound for your short-term benefit, but it makes sense for you to do it in the long-term as well.

The long-term benefits are related to autophagy, which is considered a way to remove cellular “junk” from your body. It is a great way to get rid of cells that have degraded! Most of the time people who are using cold showers and intermittent fasting do them separately, but they work synergistically together.

Make sure that you are aware of the benefits of cold shower therapy before you start so that you can have a reason to continue doing them. While intermittent fasting is relatively easy to get started with, cold showers can be tough to stick to. They are not always fun especially when you are living in an environment that is in the northern hemisphere. Spend more of your time in colder climates and you could see many more benefits.